News Crew

What happens when you take the two most popular clubs, The Youngster Radio Club and The News Crew Club and combine them together?  You get News Crew (formerly The Flying Blue Wolves)!

Our first meeting was on October 6th, 2021 and that is when we came up with our initial name "The Flying Blue Wolves" and the Newspaper’s name, “The Ellenville Howler”. When we write the newspaper we first write a rough draft.  Next we edit the article.  Then we choose a layout for the newspaper. Finally we publish it. After that we choose which ones will be on the radio. We record the radio in the Ellenville High School radio station with Mr. Buckler. 

Combining these groups is a way we can expose students to both media sources at the same time!


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Flying Blue Wolves

News Crew - Tune in to 107.9FM WELV
- Every Saturday @ 5:00 PM

News Crew - Episode Three

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