Dennis Warner

DWay - The Music Playlists of Dennis Warner (Weekdays 10:00am - 12:00pm)


From the archives of WELV's own Dennis Warner are these playlists featuring an amazing array of music.


Dennis Warner 1943 - 2013

An old school hippy that made good in a small town, Dennis helped to start the Ellenville High School radio station, WELV 107.9, upon his retirement from academia. As any guest on “Dennis in the Morning” could attest to, he had the ability to speak with anybody and make them feel as if they were talking to their best friend and confidant. Dennis never had a student or colleague he didn't have time for. He was and still is truly a friend to many, many people in the Ellenville community. He will be missed by all of the people who inhabit this valley and his favorite planet.